Dave Logan

Physician Leadership

This week, my CBS Money Watch blog focused on what the Supreme Court’s decision means, and doesn’t mean. The bottom line is that business has been demonstrating leadership by reducing costs in the industry, while…

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Open Letter to the Tribal Leadership Community

You are a diverse and fascinating bunch, capable of just about anything, and I’m hoping you can help me do something important: get me an interview with George Lucas. This is for my next book,…

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Your Creative and Productive Genius

On this week’s CBS Money Watch blog, I wrote about one of my favorite topics: finding when your creative and productive geniuses are at the best during the workday. This blog was inspired by a…

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Why Leaders Need to Follow Dick Cheney

There are a few really good executive and life coaches out there, surrounded by many who you shouldn’t trust to sort your mail, much less advise you on anything important.

One in the “hire them at your peril” group called me this week and, without asking if I had time, launched on a glory-be talk, about how life is play, people are fabulous spiritual beings who forget their greatness, and how coaching should open them up to their inner purity of love and compassion.

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Innovation Triangle

Today’s CBS Money Watch blog is about the problem of people with high aspirations that are disappointed by their prospects. While I was referring specifically to MBAs, the same holds for people who have gone…

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