Our Values

Our core values inform every action that we take.

These are the principles that we refer to day in, day out. Our values are key decision making tools and the cornerstone of our work.

Our Values What We Live and Breathe


Care Audaciously

We care deeply about our clients, each other, and our work, so much so that we take courageously bold risks.


Tribe Boldly

We unite and create communities without fear. We connect people, we cross barriers, and we pierce silos. We don’t insert ourselves, we don't play messenger, or create distance.

Engage curiously

Engage Curiously

We seek first to understand, then assess, innovate and improve. We build off what is already there, recognizing that industry best practice may not work for you, your team, or your organization.


Thrive Financially

One of our primary goals is for our team and our clients to thrive in all aspects of life, including financial health and prosperity. 


Lead Courageously

We take a stand in the face of fear. We are warriors for our clients, each other, and thriving cultures.


Grow Wildly

We create environments in which people and tribes can flourish.

Take the Next Step

What do your organization’s core values demand? Are they decision criteria or decoration, operational or ornamental? Do they come with a top-down mandate or with an inside-out conviction?

If you need help remembering, or feel they don’t represent your current culture, then it’s time we connected.


We take a stand for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice!

We are proud to serve a wide variety of clients. The leaders, teams, and organizations we work with range in size, location, culture, field, and expertise. The individuals in these organizations are richly diverse in terms of race, age, spiritual beliefs, ethnicity, place of origin, sex, language, sexual orientation, and abilities. We help them explore their ever evolving social identities. We see the genius in all of them and are honored to be part of their journeys. We are proud to be a woman-owned and woman-led organization, acknowledging the gap in gender representation that still exists in our society. 

Our DEI Commitment

We are committed to racial equity and social justice principles. They guide us as leaders and speak directly to our company values. We conduct our work with empathy, kindness, and deep responsibility because we believe in the dignity of all humans from all backgrounds. We believe in giving priority to the vulnerable and the oppressed, understanding our role in lessening the divisions of society. We honor all human life as a principle of social justice, encouraging involvement, collaboration, and solidarity as an ethic of care where we acknowledge our interdependence in every aspect of the human experience.

We are voracious learners and seek to continue to grow and expand ourselves in the DEI space.  We focus on increasing our self awareness, understanding our own social identities, and using our unique privileges to be powerful, responsible advocates for others. We are constantly and continuously challenging our assumptions and shifting our paradigms as the social conversation evolves and the ideals and values of the DEI movement advance in our culture.