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The trainers, coaches, consultants, and researchers at CultureSync all share the same objective: to help companies like yours find success in the areas that matter most to you.

Whether you want to improve your bottom line, integrate employees during a merger, or help find your mojo after a major reorganization, our team is experienced in showing you how – and challenging you to achieve it.

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David Brown, M.A., Approved Tribal Leader

Growing cultures, leadership & personal development

Rich Maxwell, MHA

Leadership, team building, coaching, DISC, workshops

Carolina Morgan, MSc

Organizational development, leadership coaching, MBTI, Hogan, and trainings

Steffan Surdek

Leadership development, workshops, retreats, coaching, training

Hovig Tchalian, MBA, PhD

Keynotes & workshops: Innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy

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Thank you for the wonderful guidance and words of wisdom. I’m very happy to be able to share good news with you. You got me through a tough time in which some of my most precious values were being tested and I’m so glad we talked, because I am seeing that good is prevailing and people are doing the right thing. I’m proud to be a part of this and looking forward to helping it continue.

Lindsay and I met at an HR round table event and immediately connected! She’s so genuine about her caring for people that it’s easy to say that she has found her calling. Whether we are partnering on business skills training, or talking about providing mentoring and coaching sessions, I know my team members are in the best hands. She takes a thoughtful and collaborative approach to my company’s needs and the feedback from our team is overwhelming positive with every connection. Overall, it is clear that Lindsay provides her services to make a positive impact. She has such a strong drive and passion for her work. If you work with Lindsay, you will never feel like you are just another client.

Anna Goranson
Head of People |MediaAlpha

Harte Logan worked with me through a critical time of transition in my career. I cannot say enough about her valuable insight, her endless toolkit, and her empathetic candor. I highly recommend her!

Tiffany Siart
Tiffany Siart

Time and again, I go into a session with Harte Logan convinced that my dilemma is unsolvable, and I come out with clarity and an effective action plan.  She is equal parts coach, consultant, and friend who calls BS when you’re kidding yourself about why things aren’t going the way you’d like.

AJ Webster
Founder and Co-Head |Sycamore School

Harte is an excellent coach who leads you to self-discovery through questioning and a bit of prodding.

Executive Team Member

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