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The trainers, coaches, consultants, and researchers at CultureSync all share the same objective: to help companies like yours find success in the areas that matter most to you.

Whether you want to improve your bottom line, integrate employees during a merger, or help find your mojo after a major reorganization, our team is experienced in showing you how – and challenging you to achieve it.

Featured Experts

Tiffany Hamilton

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Listening Tours, Intercultural Development

Kai Stowers

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion; Intercultural Development, Mindfulness

Deirdre Gruendler
Deirdre Gruendler

Non-profit leadership, healthcare, fundraising and development

Steffan Surdek

Leadership development, workshops, retreats, coaching, training

David Brown

Leadership Development, Coaching, Approved Tribal Leader

Our Friends We Keep Great Company

As in any other field, there’s no substitute for having a great teacher…Every time I have been complimented on my skills as a leader, I know the truth: it’s, in large part, thanks to Ken.
Senior Government Attorney and Section Chief
Senior Government Leader

At what was probably the most stressful time of my career, Ken Perlman has been inspirational in creating alternatives to the doom mindset I was stuck into.

Jeremie Rameau
Jeremie Rameau |Supply Chain Integration, Coty

[Dave Logan’s] five culture stages have been a thought provoking breakthrough for our organization as we strive to be a global, seamless and integrated, service provider. His highly interactive talks and teachings on Tribal Leadership have helped to ‘redefine what is possible’ for our people and organization as a whole.

Andrew Cohen
Executive Director |Gensler

If you are neck-deep in a turn around situation and have no clue what to do next, or simply need to find the ability to accelerate from your current state, I highly recommend reaching out to Ken Perlman for guidance and insight.

Jeff Meneely
Vice President, Global Logistics |Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

Working with Harte Logan in an executive coaching relationship helped me discover my purpose in life and gave me the conviction and confidence to take my professional career to the next level.

Jack Demers
Founder and CEO |Netly Fiber

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