Jack Bennett

Partner and COO

Jack is the foundational glue that holds CultureSync together.

Jack has been a part of the growing team at CultureSync for more than 20 years, including relationship building, lead development, sales, contracts, and negotiation along with developing the systems, structure, and processes of a growing business.

Jack has overseen the training and development of CultureSync’s Leadership courses, including the Tribal Leadership Intensive training. Trained and developed for the past 18 years by master coaches and trainers John King and Dave Logan, Jack earned his Coaching Certification from Coaches Training Institute (CTI), an International Coach Federation accredited program.

Jack facilitates programs for healthcare organizations, education, property management, manufacturing, pharmaceutical sales, city, county and state-run organizations, Jack specifically coaches executives and aids in developing small, highly effective and connected teams.

Jack is also a composer and pianist living in Los Angeles. His musical training is at the heart of his ability to collaborate, riff, and spontaneously create.

Our Friends High Praise for Jack

Thank you for the wonderful guidance and words of wisdom. I’m very happy to be able to share good news with you. You got me through a tough time in which some of my most precious values were being tested and I’m so glad we talked, because I am seeing that good is prevailing and people are doing the right thing. I’m proud to be a part of this and looking forward to helping it continue.

CultureSync’s work is absolutely critical to anyone seeking to change their company’s fortunes. Adaptable to any company and any leader, their advice shows you how to make change possible and how to make it stick.

Dustin Corcoran
CEO |California Medical Association

I think I learnt more about the team and myself in the two days with CultureSync than over the last 12-24 months. I feel a supportive difference amongst the team and a level of honesty I don’t think we’ve had before.

Nicole Boyd
Nicole Boyd |MediaCom

The people on my team have emerged as stronger leaders thanks to their work with CultureSync.

John Ham
Global Manufacturing & Engineering Leader |Coty Inc. 

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