The Dark Side of Leadership

Open Letter to the Tribal Leadership Community

You are a diverse and fascinating bunch, capable of just about anything, and I’m hoping you can help me do something important: get me an interview with George Lucas. This is for my next book,…

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Why Leaders Need to Follow Dick Cheney

There are a few really good executive and life coaches out there, surrounded by many who you shouldn’t trust to sort your mail, much less advise you on anything important.

One in the “hire them at your peril” group called me this week and, without asking if I had time, launched on a glory-be talk, about how life is play, people are fabulous spiritual beings who forget their greatness, and how coaching should open them up to their inner purity of love and compassion.

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The Leader’s Guide to Hacking

This week’s CBS Money Watch blog focused on three leadership hacks.  The purpose here is to give details: a full disclosure of my hacking background, how hacking fits into leadership, and then the steps to…

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Reforming Rogue Tribes

My CBS Money Watch blog this week focused on Greg Smith’s allegations about Goldman Sachs.  If they are true, I pointed out that many tribes within Goldman are “rogue tribes,” according to Tribal Leadership.  Rogue…

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Advice for Those Called to Leadership

In this week’s CBS Money Watch blog post,  I refer to one of the most important aspects of leadership: that people feel a call to it, in the same way people report a sense of…

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