Unlocking Your Genius With Dave Logan

Unlocking your Genius

When you listen to this recording, you will learn how to allow your unique genius to shine through and collaborate on projects with other geniuses!

If you’re like me, you’ve lived a good part of your life believing, deep down, that there was a genius wanting to get out. You’d see the genius sometimes, in moments where work was effortless and leading seemed like something you were born to do. But most of the time, the genius seemed out of reach.

Most of my life was actually spent afraid of every aspect of my genius.

  • Do I really have a genius?
  • If I think I do, am I falling victim to grandiose ideas about myself?
  • If I do have a genius, how can I set it free?
  • And if it does get out, will this make me one of those crazy people who gets fired for being a weirdo?

This call is for people who are ready to face these hard questions, and use a reliable process for unlocking their genius.

More importantly, the call will also focus on how to get your genius working with other geniuses, to create a level of collaboration and innovation that few people ever see.

— Dave Logan

For the next two weeks only, this recording will be made



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