Steps to World Class Leadership

Is world-class leadership exclusive to a few high performing executives, or is it attainable by regular business people with passion and drive?

We assert that the essence to world-class leadership is completely attainable by all levels of professionals within an organization. But, the essential ingredient is not what most people think.

Leadership is not Management on Steroids

In our view, most leadership teams are delivering management on steroids, not true leadership. Leaders typically dictate what they want accomplished and then find people to do that. Or if they are inspirational, people follow in their footsteps, but don’t generate themselves and the other people they work with. When the leader steps away, people don’t know what to do.

What is Leadership?

In Tribal Leadership, every single employee and team member needs to lead from their role and responsibilities, while at the same time contributing to the best interest of the team and organization. The executive team creates an environment where this happens. This is how a culture of design is created, rather than being stuck with the default culture.

“Tribal Leaders” consistently upgrade cultures and stabilize the people they work with. They are constantly tending to relationships and people while they also tend to the day to day business necessities. The ability to harness the power of an innovative group like this is where leadership occurs.

Only then will the intended strategies have a real chance of success, rather than the strategy being rejected by the culture.

By listening to this recording you will learn:

What’s unique about Tribal Leadership training compared to other leadership programs and business schools.
How to transition from management to true leadership.
How a leader can generate a culture of design.
The pathway to being a CultureSync™ Approved Tribal Leader.
Recording of Steps to World-Class Leadership

Call hosted by: John King, CultureSync Co-Founder & Senior Partner
Call Date: October 22, 2010

This call was offered to further explore the steps to create world-class leadership and cultures. During this call people asked John their most pressing questions about leadership, culture and strategy.

The full 65 minute call recording is offered to the CultureSync community. Please login or create an account to listen to the recording.



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