Self-Care for Leaders

The busier we get, the more we hear about self-care. If your schedule is packed and your energy is spread thin, you are probably wondering how you can get better at taking care of yourself. We also wrestled with this question, so we asked our clients how they take care of themselves, what they wish they could do more of, and what gets in the way. As usual, they gladly shared their experiences and enlightened us with their ideas. 

We are happy to share this downloadable infographic we created that summarizes their responses and offers some helpful tips. Take a look at the top five self-care practices and the top five tips.

Top 5 Practices:

1. Relationships
2. Exercise
3. Planning
4. Vacations
5. Sleep

Top 5 Tips:

1. Create a Self-Care Routine
2. Say No
3. Delegate
4. Eliminate
5. Seek Joy!

See how your practices compare and what you might start or stop doing to improve. Let us know what you think!

We walked away from this exercise with the feeling that we are all waging a similar battle for our energy, time, and attention. We are all in this together! So, next time you are overwhelmed and running low on any of these resources, give yourself permission to share your situation with others. Chances are, they too are feeling the pressure. Invite them to help you find a healthier and more balanced approach to caring for yourself. And if you think some coaching can help you get there, drop us note! We are happy to help!

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