Gap Analysis – Look Before You Leap

If you create a strategy without an accurate understanding of where you are, the strategy will fail.

Prior to starting a project or creating a strategy, do an analysis that locates where you are in relationship to where you want to be. When you create an outcome for a project  rooted in reality, the likihood the project will succeed increases.

How to do Gap Analysis

1. Identify 3 areas of concern or focus related to your job or position.

2. For each area, rate on a scale of 1-5, how you are doing in that area compared to where you would like to be.

Here is example of the the rating scale:

1 – Flat-lined
2 – Working Hard / Mostly Failing
3 – Working Hard / Working Alone & Succeeding
4 – Winning / Working with Others
5 – Over the Moon

3. Identify the area with the lowest score, or, the one you most want to impact.

4. Create an outcome with a measurable result 90 days out, that would make a difference for you. Make sure it has a specific result by a specific date. This becomes the Outcome for the Strategy.

5. Then create a strategy using the Strategy Map template.

John King recorded a two minute explanation and a 60 minute workshop on the Gap Analysis process.

Needle Moving Challenge

When doing a gap analysis for a team or group, refrain from doing a group analysis. Have each person do their individual analysis and strategy related to their role and responsibility. After the group stabilizes at Stage Four, then it is feasible to do strategy as a group.

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