Why Do Strategies Fail?

At CultureSync, the answer is almost always “because culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Many people often point to bad planning or poor execution. But a closer look will usually show a failure of the organization to get behind the strategy, innovate sufficiently, or take full advantage of the knowledge and talent within the organization.

Another way to put it is that the culture wasn’t ready for it.

Some studies have shown that culture is eight times more influential than strategies in determining business performance outcomes.

Strategies succeed or fail because of people

That is both the good news and the bad news, depending how you want to look at it.

Since your strategies are constrained by your culture, that leaves you with two options:

  • Reduce your strategic plans and goals to the current limitations that your culture can sustain, or,
  • Upgrade your culture so your organization can meet the demands that are actually called for.

Culture is now one of the greatest untapped areas for increasing an organization’s performance.

“Why Do Strategies Fail?” Video

The Dynamic Leadership Collective created a video below interviewing many accomplished Canadian business leaders about “Why do Strategies Fail?”

Each one of these leaders reiterated over and over that culture is where they are now putting their attention to increase production and achieve their strategic initiatives.

Watch this video and comment on the blog below.

Why Do Strategies Fail? from Dynamic Leadership Collective on Vimeo.

Please contact the Dynamic Leadership Collective for more information about the video, or their work in support of business leaders in creating great cultures. We consider them our “friends” since a number of the consultants have been designated as CultureSync™ Approved Tribal Leaders.

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