Triads, Triads, Triads

Triads provide the foundation to creating Stage Four tribes. The most valuable relationships are not made of two people, they’re made of three.  A third person will always stabilize and grow the relationship between the other two. It’s called a triad, and the more you create, the stronger your network.

So next time you go to Starbucks, take two professional contacts and introduce them (or deepen their relationship with each other), on the basis of what motivates them, a mutual interest, or a shared project.  Listen for the values underneath it all when your companions speak. Discover mutuality.  Then say what connects the two people at a deep level. You will instantly create a triad – the building block of a Stage Four culture and the basis of great Tribes.

We’ve posted some of our best audio segments from the Tribal Leadership Audio Book and our Leadership Course. The 20 minutes of audio below on how to create Triads can truly change your life and career forever.


Darla Longo, The Triad Queen

Darla is a CultureSync client we coached at CB Richard Ellis.


Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn

Hear the story of how Dave Logan used LinkedIn to triad his way to Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn. Learn how you can use Triads on LinkedIn.
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Tribal Leadership — Triads, triads, triads


Advanced: Triadic Model Explained by John King

These audios are from the Tribal Leadership Intensive course we offer. This explanation and model is the essence of Stage Four. If you can effectively stabilize triads around you, you are a Tribal Leader.
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