The Phases of Leadership Development

As people train themselves in Tribal Leadership, they go through a series of shifts in their leadership that maps directly onto the Five Stages of Culture, and the stage of culture they are able to cause in their organizations.

Before the Tribal Leadership training, many people tend to think to themselves as “I am at Stage Four,” but complain that nobody else around them is.

When people take our Tribal Leadership Intensive we go back to basics and unravel the Stage Two and Stage Three tendencies and habits. Then we show them how to upgrade themselves and the cultures around them to stable at Stage Four.

Phases of Leadership Development


Here is an overview of the phases of leadership development that a leader goes through beginning with an awakening to true leadership then all the way through effectiveness leading teams of teams to game changing history.

1. Awakening

The initial phase of leadership development is to shift from the management space of Stage Two and Stage Three to the leadership space of Stage Four and Stage Five.

2. Triading

The first major accomplishment in the leadership space is to stabilize a triad, which is a partnership that includes three people. Stability is often demonstrated through the delivery of a project, or supporting each other through a crisis or challenge.

3. Stabilizing Partnerships

The leader develops a habit and lifestyle of creating and stabilizing many triads. Stabilized triads are the building block for creating a Stage Four culture. The experience is: each person in the triad contributing outstanding individual results.

4. Packaging and Delivering Projects

The next level of leadership opens effectiveness at creating and stabilizing teams and small groups. Triads are combined together to form a “package” or project team, based on merit, and, people playing the right positions for the strategy at hand. The teams consist of multiple triads of people working together to produces breakthrough results.

5. Teams of Teams

The final major level of leadership is orchestrating teams of teams to make game changing history.

Leadership Development Map

Recording of Phases of Leadership Development Call

MP3 Recording of Stages of Leadership Development with John King

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