“Pitch” your strategy to achieve quick result

Anything worth achieving is worth creating a solid plan to achieve it. Chapter 11 in Tribal Leadership explains how to create a “Tribal Strategy“. [Download a copy of the Strategy Map Template]

Once you have the strategy ready, one of the quickest ways to generate excitement and momentum is to “pitch” it to team members and potential partners and clients.

Every Tribal Strategy always has the following three ingredients:

Outcome – What do we want?
Assets – What do we have to produce it?
Behaviors – What will we do to get it?

“Pitching” is walking people through the Outcome, Assets, and Behaviors. Then restating the Outcome at the end.

When people hear the inspiring outcome, the many people and resources involved, and how the outcome will be accomplished, most people usually want to be involved.

How to Pitch a Tribal Strategy

When someone you know asks what you are up to, say: “Thank you for asking.  Do you have three minutes to talk about it?”

Then present your Tribal Strategy to them.


“I’m working on…[State your Outcome] … by … [The Deadline].”
“And here’s what we’ve got to get it done: … [Read the Assets].”
“And these are the things we are doing: … [Read the Behaviors].”

When you are complete, read your Outcome again and ask how they want to be involved.

Either make the person part of the team and add them to your growing list of Assets, or ask them who they can refer to be involved.

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