Outcomes of Tribal Leadership Intensive

The Tribal Leadership Intensive is a 12-week program, broken up into two parts.

Outcomes of Tribal Leadership Intensive One

This course creates proficiency in using the Tribal Leadership methodology and core tools to produce personal performance and results.

Personal mastery (at Stage Three) is critical to effective leadership and maintaining a great business culture.

Stable at Stage Three: people are effectively managing their careers and personal lives.

Key Outcomes and Accomplishments of Intensive One:

  • Acquire competency using Tribal Leadership methodology and core tools.
  • Develop a career & personal life management system that you can use forever.
  • A plan to support other people struggling to be effective.
  • Produce outcomes and results in your career and personal areas of life.
  • Connect easily with new people.
  • People seek you out.
  • Expand your social network.
  • Get more leads and close more sales.
  • Manage your reputation.
  • Declare your core values and noble cause
  • Create and complete basic strategic plans in areas such as business projects, managing relationships, building a good reputation, health, finances, attitude, and physical environment.

Project: create and complete strategic plans throughout the course to manage and strengthen key areas of life.

Note: Leaders who are already effective in their life will benefit tremendously from this program. This will provide tools to upgrade cultures and support the people struggling to be effective. This is an essential skill set for leadership.

Upon completion of this program, leadership candidates have demonstrated tactical management of strategic planning in each of the areas listed above. They are now ready to take the next step: participating in teams and organizations that operate at Stage Four.

Outcomes of Tribal Leadership Intensive Two

Create fluency in applying the Tribal Leadership tools. Stimulates the required leadership shift needed to stabilize groups and teams into a “we” culture. Discover that your influence, leadership, resources and results are on a whole new playing field.

Move beyond personal mastery, personal performance and “useful” relationships to create effective partnerships and teams.

Interpersonal mastery has you contribute your gifts, skills, and experiences with other “masters” in their area to accomplish things together that were impossible on your own.

The design of this program is to stabilize you and those you work with and live with at Stage Four.

Stable at Stage Four: people are effective in contributing to others and being contributed to in stable groups and partnerships that accomplish highly leveraged results.

Key Outcomes and Accomplishments of Intensive Two:

  • The foundation to operating “Stable at Stage Four.”
  • Have the mindset, tools, techniques and processes to upgrade tribal cultures.
  • Deepen your listening.
  • Expanded leadership and greatness.
  • Effective use of the triadic structure
  • Effective team building based on role and accomplishment.
  • Have given up “me” for “we.”
  • People refer more clients and you close more sales.
  • Creating and completing strategic plans with others.
  • “Tune in” to the Culture Stage around you.
  • How to pitch your strategy or project.
  • Create a leadership project bigger than yourself that will stabilize one of your environments at Stage Four.

Leadership Project: You will create and launch a strategic plan that develops your assets and delivers an intended outcome. You will do this with a new or existing team or small group.

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