Innovation Speed

Innovation is one of my favorite topics, as it is the fuel for corporate growth, the way to solve long-standing problems, and it’s just plain fun.  The problem, as I highlighted in my blog post in CBS Money Watch this week, is that many attempts to ignite innovation end up squashing it instead.

Last week, I hosted a call for people in the Tribal Leadership world on the subject of innovation, that was the basis for the CBS Money Watch blog post.  During the 90 minute call, I covered some of the most famous stories of corporate innovation, what principles emerge from them, and how people can apply these lessons to make innovation happen faster.  Several people asked questions about the relationship between tribal culture and innovation.

This point is key: tribal culture determines the speed of innovation, and even whether innovation is possible at all.  In fact, if you implement the techniques I mentioned in the Money Watch blog, but without a great tribal culture, the results will be so slow, they may not matter.

Only a “we’re great” tribe, which occurs in less than one out of four groups, can innovate with sufficient speed.  If you want to listen to, or download the call, you can use the link here. 

Also, please post any questions or comments here, so others can learn from what you have to say.  Remember: innovation happens when different points of view collide, especially when people are honoring the “we’re great” code of conduct.


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