ASTD In Practice – Dave Logan & John King

Tribal Leadership:  An Interview with David C. Logan and John King

by George Hall

QUESTION: In your book you comment, “Roughly 75 percent of tribes are stuck at the stage of My life sucks or I’m great, but you’re not.” Do most tribes slow or impede their leader’s forward movement by default? If the rest of the culture is not where you are, for example, is one of your stabilizing anchor points missing?”

ANSWER: Yes. That is exactly the point that really got me started on this journey. Why, when you go into some environments where leaders seem to do everything wrong, does it still work, get results? It’s because if you go into a Stage 4 tribe, if you get the most bumbling leader and put them into that group, the group is going to compensate for what the leader does. As in your example, if you have a group that is largely composed of Stage 2 or 3 and the leader is talking about infinite potential and “Let’s change the world,” nobody can hear that. No one can understand what they are saying.

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