Tribal Leadership Tip #3

Five Whys to Values

A key leverage point from moving Stage Three to Stage Four is to align people on shared values.  So how do figure out what people value?

A quick way is to ask individuals what they’re proud of, such as a, work accomplishment.  Ask why they are proud of that.  Ask “why” again until you hit a value that’s so core people have no answer about why it’s important, other than it is.  One person in one of our sessions said creativity is important to him.  “Why?” we asked.  “Well, because…ahhh…creativity is so important to everything.” Translation: it’s important because it is–a sign of a core value.

With most people, asking why between three and five times will get to a core value.

Needle Moving Challenge:
Once you find what people value, see what core value(s) they share. Then ask the tribe this question: what new initiative would bring that value to life?

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