Tribal Leadership Tip #2

Elevate Individuals out of Stage Two.[br]

Tribal Leaders advance each member of their their tribe to the next stage.  Most groups have members stuck at Stage Two, where the mantra is, ”my life sucks.”  Such individuals come across as victims, lacking ambition and desire, and are not willing to try anything new.  When people at this stage form a critical mass in a tribe, it becomes entrenched in mediocrity.[br]

So what do you do?[br]

Find the individuals at Stage Two who want their situation to change.  Meet with them offline from the rest of the tribe, and mentor them by:[br]

  1.   Helping them see their strengths.
  2.   Working with them to pick small projects where they can shine.
  3.   Speak about their abilities, and their recent development, with others in the tribe, so that their tribal reputation shifts.

Your goal is to get that person up to Stage Three, where the mantra is, “I’m great.” [br]

Needle Moving Challenge:[br]
Find the individuals in your tribe who have recently made the leap from Stage Two to Stage Three.  Give them this challenge: Can you mentor someone else at Stage Two to become the star performer that you are becoming?[br]

This technique causes mentoring to ricochet throughout the tribe, moving as many as are willing to Stage Three.  From there, you can go to Four, and then to Five.[br]


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