Our Unexpected Transformation

CultureSync experienced a radical transformation in 2018.  We underwent several changes that challenged us to lean into our values and our mission and find innovative ways to lead ourselves and our clients into bold new ways of doing business.

Dave’s New Role

Dave took a new role as the Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer of P3 Health Partners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since Dave’s mother passed away of a “medical injury” (meaning an unnecessary complication while hospitalized), he has grown increasingly passionate about making healthcare work for everyone, especially the seniors in the United States.

That role change happened sooner, and was bigger, than any of us expected. Dave continues to serve CultureSync as our Founding Partner and he will always be the leader of our tribe and our friend. Drop him an email to say hello and wish him well.

Our Big Shift

Dave continues to be one of my thought partners and one of my best friends and I miss his daily involvement at CultureSync. It was a big shift for me and Dave to navigate his new role and the implications that it has for CultureSync and our clients.

One of the things that surprised us both was the need for a new structure of ownership at CultureSync. In August of 2018, I bought the majority of Dave’s shares in CultureSync and became our Senior Partner and majority owner. I am humbled and honored to have this privilege and responsibility. And, I am looking forward to all the great work we get to continue to do together.

My New Adventure

Every year, we say goodbye to loved ones that we miss dearly. Our team and our clients have all experienced expected and unexpected losses and we share our thoughts, our prayers, and our love with you as you grieve your expected and unexpected losses of 2018.

Every year, we also welcome new loved ones into our lives. Our team is excited to welcome two new babies this year. The Logan’s have a new nephew, Wyn Lindenmuth, born August 3rd. And I became a grandma! My first grandson, Harrison James, was born on September 20th.

That, alone, is a wonderful new adventure to embark upon. But, my husband and I decided that we wanted to be close enough to help our kids and enjoy our grandkids. So, we made a big move. On December 15th, we packed up our house and moved from Los Angeles to Madison, Wisconsin. We bought a ten-acre farm home on a lake in rural Wisconsin. It’s such a crazy, fun, new experience that we started a blog about it. You can read about our adventure in rural living here.

Our team and our office will remain in Los Angeles and I will be in LA at least twice a month to work with our clients and our team. Outside of that, you will find me on site at our clients or working from home with my new view.

We hope you are also enjoying wonderful new adventures in 2019! Please stay in touch and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you at any time.

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