How to Quickly Build Your Social Network

Quickly Build Your Social Network By Fusing People Together

Most business people find customers and build their team by asking the people they know for referrals.

In contrast, Social Fusion is a technique that effective leaders use to connect and refer the people they know to each other. These connections are made based on common interests, values, and projects that people you know might want to collaborate on. If a connection you make turns into a relationship, you have “fused” them together with you as a stabilizing force in the relationship.

Once a you make a handful of connections like this, you will likely find yourself a leader in an expanding network. People are grateful for the connections you have helped them establish and usually refer the right people they know to you.

Old School Networking vs Social Fusion

This approach is many times more effective than maintaining of number of separate relationships that have to be independently managed and cultivated. The latter takes lots of time and energy and is very ineffective compared to this new approach.

The Social Fusion model flips the old school networking approach on end.

How it works

  1. Introduce two people based on shared values, mutual interest or a project they might collaborate on.
  2. Ask for each person to contribute, and to receive contribution, in a specific way.
  3. In about a week, check in whether they stayed connected.  If they’re still talking or working on something, you’ve fused them.
  4. Keep going until you’ve fused six new professionals into your tribe.

By giving referrals first (instead of asking for referrals), you establish yourself a valuable asset to the people around you. The outcome is a network of people that cultivates and manages itself.

Download 10 minute presentation about Social Fusion by Dave Logan.

Source: Tribal Leadership by Logan, King, and Fischer-Wright, 2008; Connected program by Dave Logan and Eben Pagan.

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