How to Create Your 90 Day Success Plan For 2011

We’ve found that our clients get great results when they break down their monster strategies for the year into smaller 90-day strategies.

These “micro strategies” works well because they are:

  • easily managed
  • less overwhelming
  • provide feeling of frequent accomplishment
  • easily stacked together to achieve longer term strategies
  • easily modified when strategic direction shifts

I’ve posted some of our best resources from the past year that will support you in creating a 90 day strategy that you can achieve by April 2011.

1. Download the Strategy Map Template (PDF).

2. Decide what outcome you are going to accomplish 90 days from today.

a. Listen to the Gap Analysis call with John King for support in deciding what outcome you want to target. This includes a quick 2 minute summary.

b. Read my short gap analysis tip on how to look before you leap.

3. Listen to Dave Logan’s recording on how to create a micro strategy

How to create a Micro-Strategy by Dave Logan (MP3)

4. Listen to Dave Logan’s Three Laws of Performance call that helps not get stuck with your “Default Future.” This is a great time to dismantle that and build a new future.

The Default Future is “the future that was going to happen unless something dramatic and unexpected happens.” (pg 12 from The Three Laws of Performance)

5. If you are making some major shifts in your career, or are feeling reflective about your life. Do one of our core values discovery processes from our workshops and courses.

a. Click Down (from Dave Logan’s live workshops)
b. Values Embedded Stories (from Tribal Leadership Intensive)
c. Mountains and Valleys

Read my short tip on discovering your personal core values.


Please post your experiences and questions about this micro strategy process on this LinkedIn Discussion.

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