How to Coach Difficult People Out of Stage Three Destructive Behavior

Chris Argyris, one of the original luminaries in the field of organizational psychology and learning, said that coaching difficult people is the most critical skill for leaders to master. If you can do this well, people will seek you out and you can effectively lead people and organizations.

In just four powerful steps author Dave Logan, PhD  describes how to begin coaching GREAT people out of negative Stage 3 Behavior.

Stage Three is a lone warrior attitude often characterized by hoarding or distorting information, not being honest or open, usually giving political answers, or pulling others into the drama swirling around them.

4 Steps to Coaching Difficult People Out Of Stage Three

1. Know their Core Values (using the “Click Down” core values process)

2. Create the Context

3. Pierce the Armour

4. Empty the Cup

Each step is critical and needs to be done exactly right or you might have a negative – even career ending – impact on the person being coached. These details are so important that you can only learn them by listening to the recording for the specifics.

If you follow the approach exactly as Dave lays out in the recording, you’ll find yourself having powerful impacts on the careers of others and in the demand for your own expertise as a leader, mentor, or coach.

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