How a Coach Becomes a Leader?

Many consultants and coaches are great at giving advice and talking about leadership, but how many are actually great leaders themselves?

Using Tribal Leadership, John King has developed a way that transforms consultants and coaches into leaders, too.

CultureSync has turned out dozens of coaches and consultants that we can now truthfully say are leaders. They have also demonstrated a capacity to cultivate the leadership in their clients. Many of them we have designated CultureSync™ Approved Tribal Leaders.

The work of consultants and coaches is usually giving advice and support in private session or small groups.

How can a coach or consultant bring leadership to those situations?

We offer a recording of John King with graduates of International Coach Academy.

The recording covers how coaches and consultants can learn how to:

  • Cultivate the leadership of your clients so they get better results.
  • Develop your own leadership that results in more clients, referrals, and a thriving coaching practice.


This audio recording is made available to the CultureSync community. Login with your CultureSync account, or register to get one.

1. Listen to “How a Coach Becomes a Leader (62 min call recording)

2. Slides that referenced during the presentation.

Please share this opportunity to other coaches and consultants you know who may be interested in this.

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