“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” ― William Shakespeare

CultureSync and I have a lot of good friends–colleagues, clients, collaborators –we have collected over the years. After our recent “Our Unexpected Transformation” newsletter went out, I received more than a few emails asking me if the changes were positive and how the firm was doing. My friends were politely asking me “Are you OK?”

Let me be clear: YES!

Let me also be honest. My decades-long friendship with Dave Logan was a big reason I stepped away from my previous firm. So when Dave talked to us about his changing role at CultureSync, it was bittersweet…hold on, honesty check…I was pissed.

But, as his friend, I recognized it is what he wanted and needed, so I offered support and encouragement. At the same time, as Managing Director, I was doing the math on how much CultureSync revenue was tied to Dave and how much payroll we committed to our colleagues and their families.

A little nervousness plus a little outrage equals a ton of motivation. So, we gathered together in our office and asked each other a few simple, but critically important questions:

  1. What do we want CultureSync to become, regardless of the challenges we may face?
  2. What can we do, starting right now, to make that happen?
  3. How do each of us, as individuals, want to be part of inventing a new future for CultureSync?  
  4. What Tribal Leadership Stage do we want to operate in starting now:
    • Stage 1: Close CultureSync.
    • Stage 2: Lament the loss of our founder and Top Gun, do our jobs, but don’t take any responsibility for what happens.
    • Stage 3: Everyone looks out for themselves under the CS banner, become a team of independent consultants and coaches.
    • Stage 4: Pull together, look at what our values demand us to do, and go get after it together.
    • Stage 5: Decide what only we can do and go out and make a little history.

We must have answered the questions really well. Fast forward to today, and let me share with you why I know we are more than just okay:

  1. We now have more long-term clients than ever before.
  2. Our awareness of our combined strengths and development opportunities is much greater.
  3. Our range of services has grown in breadth and depth.
  4. We are working on more complex challenges requiring the combined skillsets of all our practitioners (and in some cases beyond), helping us evolve our approach and IP (and network).  
  5. We are financially healthier than ever before.
  6. We have more freedom to take on passion projects and internal investments (e.g., rebranding, website refresh, books, articles, teaching etc.).
  7. We are having so much fun doing so much challenging, important work. Together.

Look, we miss Dave. We love that we get to partner with him on select clients. What I love even more is the new directions, new challenges and new demands not having Dave as much put onto us. We are rising to the occasion and heat-forging our new CultureSync along the way.    

So, to all my friends who checked-in on me:

“Thank you. Yes, the changes are positive and exciting. I am doing more than fine. We are doing exceptionally well.  Let’s grab a bite and/or a drink and we can catch up. Thank you for checking in on me. I appreciate it and you. See you soon.”

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