Avoid the pitfalls that kill success

Once you have unlocked your 90-day micro strategy there is then only one thing left to do:

Execute the behaviors on your strategy until your outcome is achieved.

That is it. Period.

One of the major reason people don’t take the actions on their strategy is that they have fallen into one of their habitual pitfalls. These are the areas were you “smoke dope.”

How to get out of a Pitfall

Pitfalls are the thing you do that displace your ability to be effective and stay on point.

John King say that a pitfall is where you do the equivalent of smoke dope.

These are things like drinking alcohol, watching TV or movies, surfing the internet or checking email. These are the things you do that distract yourself from doing your strategy.

What is the solution for getting out of a pitfall?

When you catch yourself in your Pitfall, do a behavior from one of your strategies.

Listen to Audio by Dave Logan about Pitfalls (2 min)


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