Thank you for your interest in the 21 Day Leadership Challenge.  The original challenge from 2015 is offline and no longer available.  If you'd like to take on a 21 Day Leadership Challenge at this time, we recommend adding these reminders to your calendar for the next 21 Days:

  1. Super hydrate - dehydration causes foggy thinking and distraction.
  2. Collect "magic moments" today - what you focus on is what you get.  Focus on the good.
  3. Commit a random act of kindness.
  4. Ask short, open ended questions today.
  5. Make eye contact with the people you interact with today.
  6. Dress up for work today.  Notice how it affects your mood and your impact.
  7. Give a genuine acknowledgement to someone today.
  8. Be on time to everything today.
  9. Learn something new.
  10. Set up a live or virtual coffee, lunch, or happy hour meeting with someone today.
  11. End your meetings on time today.
  12. Get some exercise.
  13. Schedule some focus time and stick to it.  Work on an important project without distractions.
  14. Don't complain all day today.
  15. Assume good intentions.
  16. Find some way to agree with everyone you talk to today.
  17. Do something you've been putting off.
  18. Say yes to three things.
  19. Clean off your desk.
  20. Say no to three things today.
  21. Say thank you.  Express your gratitude three times today.

If you'd like to custom design a 21 Day Leadership Challenge, reach out to one of our coaches for help.

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