Micro Strategy

Take action on your values

An 8-step process to create an actionable strategy for living out your tribe's core value.


People have identified their core values, are on fire to produce something, but don’t know how.


  1. Get the tribe together and ask: “what do our values insist that we do?”
  2. Keep the discussion going until you have a clear statement of what the group wants. This result is an “outcome,” which answers the question, “what do you want?” Ideal outcomes are short-term, and have consistent minimum viable steps toward a greater vision.
  3. Have the group list all their assets: hard and soft.
  4. Ask the group: do we have enough assets to get to the outcome?
  5. If the answer is “yes,” keep going to step 6. If not, identify the asset that is missing. Create an interim strategy in which the outcome is the acquisition or development of this missing asset.
  6. List the action steps that will get to the outcome. An action step is a specific item that can be crossed off a list. So “be proactive” doesn’t qualify as an action step, while “meet with my manager on Tuesday and review this micro strategy,” does.
  7. Ask the tribe: will these actions take us to our outcome?
  8. If the answer is “yes,” you have a viable micro strategy. If it’s “no,” make more assets actionable, adding specific behaviors the tribe can take. Repeat until the answer becomes “yes.”

Success Indicator:

The tribe immediately takes actions consistent with the micro strategy. After fulfilling it, they are more connected to their core values and to each other than before they began.

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