Click Down

Find the value of others

A simple hack to find what's really important to those you interact with on a daily basis.


Most people don’t know their core values, and if asked, can’t tell you what they are. Yet a person’s core values are as unique to them as a fingerprint. These core values are one of the most vital keys to producing Stage Four cultures.


Wait for a moment when you can get to know the person better without it seeming strange. Remember that leaders go out of their way to not be weirdos.

When it’s appropriate, take something the person says, such as “I’m having a rotten day.” Pick a single word that would be blue and underlined as on a web page.

Ask an open-ended question that repeats the word. In the example, “What’s going on with your day?”

Repeat, until the person can’t go any lower. Core values are important because they are important. There aren’t any values underneath them.

If you click down on a core value, people will respond with “professor mode” (e.g., “in every society, it’s important for people to form great relationships…”), silence, or nervous laughter.

Click Down In Action:

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