Lindsay Kresch


Lindsay is passionate about building environments that nurture connection and transformation.

Lindsay is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at CultureSync. She is an ICF-certified coach, a change management consultant, and a former therapist with diverse professional experiences.

Lindsay’s background selling software at IBM and working with start-ups in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Silicon Beach gives her business, leadership, corporate, and therapeutic experience to share with her clients.

Lindsay is skilled at people development, workforce planning, crisis management, learning and development, and employee support to create the highest and best collaboration and performance on teams and organizations. Lindsay is also certified on Harrison Assessment, which she uses in therapeutic coaching, talent development, and organizational design consulting.

Lindsay has a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from Northwestern University and an undergraduate degree in business from the College of William and Mary. She applies Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychodynamic theoretical orientations, and organizational change theory to her practice. Lindsay is passionate about building an excellent company culture to create sustainable change in the workplace. Lindsay is also researching the contextual nature of money and writing a financial coaching book entitled Money Baggage.

As a former division one volleyball player, Lindsay still loves to play beach volleyball. She enjoys swimming in the ocean, Pilates, and budget travel. Lindsay splits time between Flagstaff, AZ and Los Angeles, CA, with her partner.

Our Friends High Praise for Lindsay

Lindsay’s background working in both corporate and startup environments, combined with her studies as a therapist and passion for people and culture make her one of the best coach/training/facilitator/OD resources to have available. Over the years, we have partnered together in creating mental health related content, facilitating discussions for LA HR Leaders and more recently I brought Lindsay in as a vendor for a time sensitive group coaching / counseling session. I picked up the phone at 3pm and the first session was being facilitated by 7pm. Lindsay is professional, reliable, an expert in her field and all of my team members who have had the opportunity to work with Lindsay end up asking for more of her time/expertise. I would highly recommend Lindsay to supplement your leadership coaching, business partner resources and strategic thought partnership initiatives.

Nicole Hopkins
Director of People Ops |Webflow

As I was shopping around for coaches, there was no one else who heard my needs quite like Lindsay. About a year ago, when we started to work together, my company went through a lot of internal changes and a workforce reduction. Lindsay was able to help me get through a restructure, interpret my added responsibilities and learn to coach up to our CRO. With her coaching, I was able to keep a level head and continue to hit my sales goals. Besides my new position, I also inherited two new direct reports. With Lindsay’s guidance, I learned new engagement strategies with my employees and was able to keep the team reporting to me involved and happy through the changes. I can lean on her and talk through scenarios and I can analyze it from a new perspective. Lindsay has been more than a coach in the most recent months and that friendship is invaluable!

Bryce Atkinson
Director, Demand Client Services |Fyber

Lindsay and I met at an HR round table event and immediately connected! She’s so genuine about her caring for people that it’s easy to say that she has found her calling. Whether we are partnering on business skills training, or talking about providing mentoring and coaching sessions, I know my team members are in the best hands. She takes a thoughtful and collaborative approach to my company’s needs and the feedback from our team is overwhelming positive with every connection. Overall, it is clear that Lindsay provides her services to make a positive impact. She has such a strong drive and passion for her work. If you work with Lindsay, you will never feel like you are just another client.

Anna Goranson
Head of People |MediaAlpha

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