Our Tribe

Our tribe is rich and diverse. We partner with many experts from coaches to consultants who bring the specific expertise that our clients need.

Our Tribe Featured Experts

Our tribe is made up of trainers, coaches, consultants, and researchers that all share the same objective: to help companies like yours find success in the areas that matter most to you.  They partner with us to bring the specific expertise you are looking for to your organization.

The following featured tribe members are working on projects with us or are featured on our blog.  They have a broad range of expertise including strategic planning, diversity and inclusion, organizational development, coaching specific populations and topics, and more.

David Brown, M.A., Approved Tribal Leader

Growing cultures, leadership & personal development

Christine Dagenais picture
Christine E. Dagenais, MBA, PCC

Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Professional Speaking, Corporate Retreats

Christine Dagenais picture
Tracy Duberman, PhD, MPH, FACHE, PCC

Health Industry Focus, Leadership Academies, Executive Coaching, Team Development, Succession Planning

Andrew Easton pic
Andrew Scott Easton, MBA

eCommerce Solutions, Digital Marketing, Organizational Performance

Dana Crawford pic
Dana Crawford CPCC, ACC

Executive Coach, Facilitator, Leadership Development, Career Transitions, Hogan, 360, and DISC.

Deirdre Gruendler
Deirdre E. Gruendler

Evangelist, Firestarter, Strategist

Rich Maxwell, MHA

Leadership, Team Building, Coaching, DISC, Workshops

Carolina Morgan, MSc

Organizational Development, Leadership Coaching, MBTI, Hogan, Trainings

Steffan Surdek

Leadership Development, Workshops, Retreats, Coaching, Training

Hovig Tchalian, MBA, PhD

Keynotes & Workshops: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy


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